Wednesday, April 27, 2016

St. Michael God's Knight Digital Holy Card: A PRAYER TO OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS


Our Lady and Mother, see how evil is invading everything: hearts, families, society, our Country.

Children no longer walk on the path of innocence. The youth, caught up in worldly pastimes, no longer come before thy altar to ask thy maternal blessings; nor do they seek the light of thy gaze to dissipate the shadows of doubt the world instills unceasingly.

Mothers are forgetting that the home is the first school where good is taught, and they are the first teachers. Family life today has deteriorated, and the sound of the call to prayer is rarely heard.

In the schools there is no prayer, nor are thy grandeurs sung. In the home, few still believe in Holy Providence which has counted all the hairs on our heads and the sufferings of our hearts, and few have recourse to the merciful assistance of thy maternal heart.

In these hours, our Country is the poor traveler of the Gospel who fell into the hands of thieves, riddled with wounds that are almost mortal, without the relief of any human hope.

My sweet Mother, take care of these abandoned children who are lost because they have nothing in life. Protect the youth so that these tender plants are not swallowed up in the poisonous muck of vice.

Teach mothers the divine gift of being mothers and their duty to model the hearts of their children at the cost of any sacrifice, of saving them with the mysterious supplication of their tears.

If you do not come to the assistance of this agonizing Country, the remnants of Christendom will disappear. Your heart is an abyss of ineffable tenderness. Let a drop of balm fall upon its wound and it will live... Amen.

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St. Michael God's Knight Digital Holy Card: Prayers to the Blessed Virgin for Every Wednesday

Digital Holy Card: Prayers to the Blessed Virgin for Every Wednesday

MOTHER of God, most holy Mary, how often by my sins have I merited hell! Long ago, perhaps, judgment would have gone forth against my first mortal sin, hadst thou not, in thy tender pity, delayed the justice of God, and afterward attracted me by thy sweetness to have confidence in thy prayers. And oh, how very often should I have fallen in the dangers which beset my steps hadst thou not, loving Mother that thou art, preserved me by the grace thou didst obtain for me by thy prayers. But, my Queen, what will thy pity and favors avail me, if after all I perish in the flames of hell?
If there was once a time when I loved thee not, now, next to God, I love thee before all. Wherefore, henceforth and forever, let me not turn my back upon thee and upon my God, who through thee hast granted me so many mercies.
O Lady, most worthy of all love, let it not be I thy child, should be doomed to hate and to curse thee forever in hell. Thou wilt surely never permit thy servant to be lost who loves thee. O Mary, say not that I ever can be lost! Yet lost I shall assuredly be if I abandon thee. But who could ever have the heart to leave thee? Who can ever forget thy love? No, it is impossible for that man to perish who faithfully recommends himself to thee and has recourse to thee. Only leave me not, my Mother, in my own hands, or I am lost! Let me but cling to thee! Save me, my hope! Save me from hell; or, rather, save me from sin, which alone can condemn me to hell. Amen.

(3 Hail Marys in reparation for blasphemies against the Blessed Virgin Mary.)

Monday, April 25, 2016

St. Gabriel God's Muse: Digital Holy Card Prayer For the Intersession of St. Gabriel

O Blessed Archangel Gabriel,
we beseech thee,
do thou intercede for us
at the throne of Divine Mercy
in our present necessities,
that as thou didst announce to Mary
the mystery of the Incarnation,
so through thy prayers
and patronage in heaven
we may obtain the benefits of the same,
and sing the praise of God forever
in the land of the living.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Digital Holy Card: Consecration To St. Raphael

Digital Holy Card

Holy Archangel Raphael,
 standing so close to the throne of God
 and offering Him our prayers,
 I venerate you as God’s special Friend and Messenger.
 I choose you as my Patron
 and wish to love and obey you as young Tobias did.
 I consecrate to you my body and soul,
 all my work, and my whole life.
 I want you to be my Guide and Counsellor
 in all the dangerous and difficult problems
 and decisions of my life.

Remember, dearest Saint Raphael,
 that the grace of God preserved you with the good angels in heaven
 when the proud ones were cast into hell.
 I entreat you, therefore,
 to help me in my struggle against the world,
 the flesh, and the devil.
 Defend me from all dangers
 and every occasion of sin.
 Direct me always in the way of peace, safety, and salvation.
 Offer my prayers to God as you offered those of Tobias,
 so that through your intercession
 I may obtain the graces necessary for the salvation of my soul.
 Remember me and always entreat for me
 before the Face of the Son of God.
 Help me to love and serve my God faithfully,
 to die in His grace,
 and finally to merit to join you
 in seeing and praising God forever in heaven.